Tammy Grovatt is an experienced, licensed and certified teacher and mom; who loves to work with children. Tammy has a special talent to connect with kids of all ages. She is certified and experienced in Spanish, Special Education, Early Childhood, Gifted and Talented, Elementary, Middle School, High School and more.   Tammy is currently working toward her Master of Special Education Degree and Diagnostician Certification.

Tammy's Path To the Dyslexia Therapist Field

Tammy's Story: "When our son was diagnosed with Dyslexia, my eyes were open to the challenges and advantages placed before him.  It was due to this new knowledge that my path in life shifted from being a classroom teacher, toward wanting to help my son and other children struggling with this little understood Specific Disability / Ability we call Dyslexia, by getting on track to become a licensed professional dyslexia therapist."

I am certified in Regular Elementary Education, Special Education and Spanish Language among many other things.  I have been teaching several years and I currently provide Dyslexia Therapy at private schools and my home office. I also provide at-home therapy in the homes of some clients.

When I graduated college from University of Texas in Austin with a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education with a Specialization in Spanish, I set out to make a difference for children who really needed it.  Throughout my teaching career, I have worked with both Bilingual and English speaking children with reading disabilities.  Although I was trained to teach reading as part of my undergraduate degree, I had always felt that I could provide greater benefit with more in-depth training.   I began attending every class and inservice I could find to give me the tools I needed to help struggling readers.  During my teaching career I have received continuing education training in Project Read, Wilson, Estrellita, Esperanza, Language Foundations, Developing Metacognitive Skills and I also implemented many Orton Gillingham methods. I felt like I still needed a more complete and in-depth curriculum. That is when I decided to become trained at the Dyslexia Center of Austin in the Take Flight Program. The Dyslexia Center of Austin is accredited with IMSLEC, the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council.

Now that my son has been diagnosed with Dyslexia, I have become even more passionate about this field and have refocused my career to become a full time Dyslexia Therapist.


  • Written language is a code of abstract symbols and children with dyslexia have varying degrees of difficulty deciphering that code. 
  • Children with dyslexia are intelligent, highly creative, outside-the-box thinkers with a wide range of​ natural aptitudes and gifts.
  • Children with dyslexia can master the essential skills of reading and written expression and excel academically.
  • Instruction that is individualized, research-driven and multisensory, is the best way to learn, especially for those with dyslexia.


Therapy Services utilize the 2 year Take Flight Program developed through the Scottish Rite Hospital. Your child will be working with a highly trained and experienced educator using a scientifically based system proven to produce positive results.  

The Take Flight Program recommends 1 hour sessions, 4 days a week.  It is a 2-year course that must be completed for full benefit.

Therapy for writing disabilities such as Dysgraphia are also provided.  Some programs used for this include:  The Neuhaus Developing Metacognitive Skills program, All About Spelling and The Rewards Writing Program.

Contact Tammy using the Contact Form for details regarding the program and pricing.


Take Flight Informational Videos from the Dyslexia Center of Austin


Lake Travis Dyslexia Therapy Program follows the Take Flight Program of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders.and The Dyslexia Center of Austin





University of Texas at Austin - Bachelor of Science

Applied Learning and Development Major

Generic Regular Education and Generic Special Education with Spanish Specialization

Dyslexia Center of Austin

Academic Language Therapist Certification Program

Midwestern State University

​​Pursuing Master of Education Degree In Special Education

Dyslexia Specialization and Diagnostician Certification


Teaching Certifications:

Texas Certifications 

  • Generic Special Ed. (Grades PK-12)
  • Elem. Self-Contained (Grades1-8)
  • Elementary Spanish (Grades 1-8)
  • Bilingual/ESL-Spanish (Grades PK-12)
  • English as a 2nd Language (Grades PK-12)
  • Early Childhood Education (Grades PK-KG)
  • Early Childhood-Handicapped  (Grades PK-6)
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Severely & Profoundly Handicapped (Grades PK-12)

New Jersey Certifications

  • Teacher of Spanish
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Teacher of the Handicapped